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Ritz Carlton Hotel Strategic Plan Term Paper

Term Paper: Ritz Carlton Hotel Strategic Plan

Table of Contents

Ritz Carlton Hotel (Strategic Plan) 2

Strategic Plan 2

Summary 2

History 3

Vision 4

Mission Statement 5

The Credo 6

The Motto 6

Three Step Service 6

Service Values 7

The 6th Diamond 8

Employee Promise 8

Corporate Values 8

The First Principle: “Characterize and Refine” 9

Second Principle: “Engage through Trust” 10

Third Principle: “… Make is all about the Client and the Personne 11

Fourth Principle: “Wow!” 11

Fifth Principle: “Leave a Memorable Mark” 12

Business Objectives 13

SWOT Analysis 13

Strengths 13

Weaknesses 13

Opportunities 14

Threats 14

Key strategies 14

Major goal 15

Strategic action programs/strategic actions 15

Implementation, 17

Measurement and Controls/Milestones 19

References 21

Strategic Plan

Looking at the existing portfolio of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, the major strategy that is applied falls under quality management to ensure continued loyalty of the consumers. The quest for supported, advantage in the hotel business has gotten centered to a vast degree on item and administration quality. Attaining this quality on a steady and ease-premise, notwithstanding, has turned out to be a slippery target. Previously, chiefs have been furnished with such systems and projects as administration by targets (MBO), quality loops (QC), and hierarchical improvement (OD). Most as of late, aggregate quality administration (TQM) has turned into a center in numerous assembling and administration commercial enterprises, including the lodging business (Robinson, 2006).


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is a firm that creates and operates high end lodgings around the world. The Atlanta-based entrepreneur of W.B. Johnson Properties, in 1983 engaged the owners and bought the elite U.S. privileges to the Ritz-Carlton brand alongside the Boston Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Following a change in the administration of the facility by William B. Johnson as the new CEO and Horst Schulze in the position of the COO, the exclusive-organization helped in building twenty-seven hotels and resorts round across Australia and the U.S. (Kegan & Lahey, 2009). The hotel’s future of global extension arrangements incorporated hotels in Hong Kong, Barcelona, and Cancun. Ritz-Carlton likewise has nine universal deals work places and utilizes 35,000 individuals (Robinson, 2006).


The Ritz-Carlton Hotels trace their roots to the Boston based hotel. The company is recorded as having been founded in 1983, by the former proprietor W. B. Johnson properties (Kegan & Lahey, 2009). The proprietor acquired the rights of the venture in North America being the logo to the luxury brand of hotels. The hotel rights were based on the Caesar Ritz hotels that were based in Paris and London.The “Ritz Mystique” associated with the hotels fuelled their popularity in the marketplace. The Ritz-Carlton was collectively acquired alongside Marriot International Inc. that facilitated the entrance into the luxury hotel industry, when the 1997 merger and takeover occurred (Robinson, 2006).

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L. L. C. history is pegged to the Ritz hotel in Boston. This facility was the benchmark for the services that were offered in consequent hotels and resorts on a global scale. The history of Caesar Ritz as the legend in hotelier services incorporated with the policies and philosophies revolutionized the luxury hotel experience based on services and hotel location associated with the ventures. The setting of the luxury hotel facilitates the provision of services for individual consumer with an aim of satisfying the experience. The resultant service offered by the hotel since inception included:

  • individualized bath for every guest room
  • high quality and lighter materials for the guest rooms that are easily washable
  • Uniformed staff: white tie and apron (waiting staff), black tie (maître d’ staff), and morning suits (other staff)
  • professionalism in conduct as well as appearance
  • An extensive and fresh supply of flowers throughout the facilities public areas
  • Choices for diners provided via the la carte dining experience
  • A Gourmet cuisine based on Auguste Escoffier methods and practices of cooking methods
  • personalized experience via the incorporation of smaller lobbies with an intimate allure

Prior to the Boston hotel, Marie (Caesar Ritz’s wife), expanded the hotels under the Ritz name (Robinson, 2006). The franchised name was acquired by Albert Keller in the United States and thus initiated the Ritz-Carlton Company, which was responsible for the Boston hotel, and later the Madison and 54th hotels in New York, and other franchise outlets in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Boca Raton, and Pittsburgh among others (Robinson, 2006). By 1940, only the Boston outlet was in operation, since it incorporated the vision of Caesar, ingenuity of the Yankees and sensibility of Boston.


From 1983, The Company’s vision and pursuit of distinction have steered Ritz-Carlton hotels. On this path, the consumer discovers the riches that create the Ritz-Carlton ‘Mystique’ and is the doorway to a world of elegance (Robinson, 2006). The vision for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company attire system was to make a gathering we can portray as “advanced classics with a turn.” Cintas outlined the whole accumulation as a wardrobe idea, a set of clothing that could be marketed all around the whole property. On account of the exceptional surroundings of every property, the accumulation was intended to compliment the timeless tastefulness and lavish feel delegate for the whole The Ritz-Carlton brand.

Male pieces of clothing need to show consistency with a solitary-breasted conclusion with top lapel styling. The female cardigan coat, with an exquisite indent itemizing, is complimenting on all body sorts. It might be promoted with a timeless gem neck dress, various pullovers, an exquisite exemplary skirt or a contemporary even front slack. The color palette comprises of profound naval force suiting in both pinstripe and fine robust twill and rich pastel shades for the female outfits, scarf and ties (Kegan & Lahey, 2009). The color story is persisted with delightful itemizing within the articles of clothing with ladylike flower jacquard lining for women and excellent tonal stripe for noble man, both with difference funneling and pick-sewing to remember the handmade suiting convention. The frill, silk scarf and four under control ties in rich pastel colors finish the contemporary shade palette.

This accumulation offers unlimited conceivable outcomes in promoting remarkable searches for each of the milestone properties (Kegan & Lahey, 2009). It reflects the requirement for adaptability, effortlessness, and personalization. The clothing was propelled from haute couture profiles reflecting exemplary styling with a contemporary feel. The clean, rich look, scrupulousness, and faultless customizing of the pieces of clothing characterizes the configuration reasoning for the whole Ritz-Carlton Apparel Collection.”

Mission Statement

The Ritz-Carlton hotels vision is based on Gold Standards that were developed to capture the company values and philosophies (Robinson, 2006). The division of the Caesar philosophical vision is done in: the credo, motto, three steps of service, service values, 6th diamond, and the employee promise. These divisions are developed to define the business, establish the boundaries by which services are provided, while portraying main aspects of the business. The vision of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel company caters for what the company will do to remain competitive and valuable to the market.

The Credo

The Ritz-Carlton company hotels are meant to uphold the care that is directed towards the consumer (Robinson, 2006). Being in the hotel industry, the main idea propagated under the credo is the provision of services with the intent of giving the guests comfort. The company pledges provision of the most competitive personal services as well as facilities to ensure the ambience of the hotel is warm, relaxing and refined. This portion to the vision also expresses the hotel’s nee of ensuring satisfaction by catering for the expressed and unexpressed needs of the guests.

The Motto

The motto of the company also captures the values instilled in the venture. The aim of the motto is to illustrate the type of service that is expected on the hotel to the guests. This motto expresses the attitude the company has towards the market, and sets the bar by which the standards of service are established. The motto of the company is “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.” (Kegan & Lahey, 2009), which expresses the intent and vision the venture is based.

Three Step Service

The service that is provided in the hotels is based on courtesy and professionalism. The idea of service provision is based on the impact the staff has on the consumer. The three step service includes (I) the policy of welcoming the guest is intent on ensuring warmth and is encompassed by the mode of greeting which involves using the guest’s name. This is followed by (II) a “what would the guest need or desire” aspect to service provided, which is based on anticipation of the needs of individual guests. Finally, (III) ensuring that exit from the hotel makes an impact on the consumers to encourage returns is based on a courteous form of goodbye as well as professionalism via use of the guest’s name (Kegan & Lahey, 2009).

Service Values

The following are values as per the hotel company (Frankson, 2013):

  1. I form solid connections and make Ritz-Carlton visitors forever.
  2. I am constantly receptive to the communicated and unexpressed wishes and needs of our visitors.
  3. I am engaged to make exceptional, vital and individual encounters for our visitors.
  4. I comprehend my part in attaining the Key Success Factors, grasping Community Footprints and making The Ritz-Carlton Mystique.
  5. I constantly look for open doors to improve and enhance The Ritz-Carlton experience.
  6. I possess and promptly resolve visitor issues.
  7. I make a work environment of cooperation and parallel administration with the goal that the needs of our visitors and one another are met.
  8. I have the open door to persistently learn and develop.
  9. I am included in the arranging of the work that influences me.
  10. I am pleased with my expert appearance, dialect and conduct.
  11. I ensure the protection and security of our visitors, my kindred workers and the organization’s private data and possessions.
  12. I am answerable for uncompromising levels of cleanliness and making a safe and without the earth.

The 6th Diamond

The company incorporates the quality management aspect by ensuring that the consumer experiences (The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Company, L. L. C., 2000):

  • mystique,
  • emotional connections and attachments to the hotels, and
  • functionality associated with the services provided.

Employee Promise

  • The Ritz-Carlton company ensures that, our Ladies and Gentlemen feel that they are the most critical asset in our administration responsibility to our visitors.
  • By applying the standards of trust, genuineness, appreciation, uprightness and duty, we support and amplify ability to the regale of every person and the organization.
  • The Ritz-Carlton cultivates a work environment where differences is esteemed, personal satisfaction is improved, distinctive goals are satisfied, and The Ritz-Carlton Mystique is fortified.

Corporate Values

The Ritz-Carlton’s organizers set elevated requirements. Which empowers its workers live these “Highest levels” through the “Credo,” the “Motto” and the “Three Steps of Service” (Kegan & Lahey, 2009). The five standards at the base of The Ritz-Carlton’s generally-characterized corporate society have handled an exceptional level of staff faithfulness, unparalleled administration, critical client engagement and brand distinguishment so dug in Western culture that words and expressions, for example, “lavish” and “putting on the ritz” are some piece of the English vocabulary. The organization’s five controlling statutes are:

The First Principle: “Characterize and Refine”

The Ritz-Carlton’s originators made a set of standards they called the “Highest levels.” Many credit the hotel network’s long-standing accomplishment to its dedication to keeping these gauges bursting at the seams with a doctrine, a motto and an administration arrange that infiltrate each part of its business:

“The Credo” – Every staff member conveys a “Credo Card” that catches the quintessence of the administration gave communicated, The Ritz-Carlton is a spot where the honest to goodness mind and solace of our visitors is our most noteworthy mission. We promise to give the finest particular administration and offices for our visitors, who will dependably delight in a warm, loose, yet refined mood. The Ritz-Carlton experience charges the faculties, ingrains prosperity, and satisfies even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our visitors.

“The Motto” – The company’s trademark is old-style dialect passes on the thought that fabulous administration is timeless, and that staff parts and visitors ought to treat one another consciously.

“The Three Steps of Service” – The top notch-administration at the heart of The Ritz-Carlton’s society rests on giving every visitor an earnest welcome by name, anticipating and gathering each need the visitor has, and saying the visitor a “warm farewell,” likewise by name.

The Ritz-Carlton more than once weaves its “12 administration values” into its representatives’ regular encounters. Administrators strengthen these qualities at every day intuitive gatherings called “lineups.” Employees take an interest in lineups at the start of each movement in every division at each level. At the lineup, staff members talk about these qualities, and offer associated tales and data.

Second Principle: “Engage through Trust”

Each new individual enlisted into any employment experiences a two-day introduction about the corporate society. Administrators use three more days taking in Ritz-Carlton’s initiative desires. After introduction, mentors prepare new staff parts in the focal parts of their occupations. The objective is to affirm new representatives in their positions’ fundamental capabilities by “Day 21” (Frankson, 2013). That day, new contracts have the open door to talk about unabashedly the positive and negative parts of their initial three weeks. The organization denote each representative’s one- year commemoration with a “Day 365” festiva (Frankson, 2013)l.

The Ritz-Carlton has confidence in selecting the right individuals, and giving the tutoring, preparing and instruments they have to make ideal encounters for visitors. To that end, the organization trusts representatives to utilize their judgment within using up to $2000 for every visitor for every day to enhance the visitor’s visit or to tackle any of the visitor’s issues (Frankson, 2013).

Profiting and Mystique

The organization cultivates inside transparency in regards to the monetary parts of its business. Staff members can view pyramid charts of its advancement on five separate achievement scales. The Ritz-Carlton amends and upgrades these five elements every year. In 2008, they were:

  • The Ritz-Carlton persona – Give visitors something uncommon to recollect. Make the vibe as forcing as could be allowed.
  • Representative engagement– Encourage representatives to take activity and be inventive as a feature of an exertion to contract and keep great individuals, and help them progress.
  • Visitor engagement – Create particular binds to every visitor.
  • Item and administration fabulousness – Follow the Gold Standards. Set administration and area benchmarks and surpass them.
  • Budgetary execution – Increase income and profits (Kegan & Lahey, 2009).

Third Principle: “… Make is all about the Client and the Personnel”

Ritz-Carlton’s executives utilize a mixed bag of strategies to take the beat of the organization’s clients, representatives, directors, sellers and stakeholders in a proceeding exertion to develop and enhance its “client-arriving at” methods. Corporate pioneers study different organizations for best practices that Ritz-Carlton may get. Case in point, in 2007 a senior director watched how Cisco and Corning sustain development, and after that helped create the “Ritz-Carlton Four-Step Hotelovation Process” (Kegan & Lahey, 2009). The steps are: “Encourage vision, nurture the environment, inspire plans” and “test thoughts.”

Fourth Principle: “Wow!”

Giving a “stunning” knowledge is every worker’s objective throughout every association with a visitor, room reserving a spot to stating farewell. Chiefs need every visitor to “feel a hurry,” that is, an enthusiastic association so solid that staying in the hotel turns into a vital experience.

Every now and then, an issue or an oversight can give staff parts the best open door to make an extraordinary impression. With the coming of moment overall correspondence – and Web- spread feedback – quick critical thinking is a key. Representatives figure out how to take a far reaching methodology to settling visitors’ issues. In the first place, they show certified, fitting concern. At that point, they apologize, acknowledge obligation and guarantee to address the issue promptly. Representatives cooperate to correct the circumstances and keep it from repeating. Their last step is to remunerate the visitors for their exacerbation, misfortune or dissatisfaction in the most suitable way that could be available.

Ritz-Carlton’s pioneers portray and strengthen its pivotal standards by imparting “amazing” stories. The chief of inward correspondence gathers these stories every week and distributes them in the inside bulletin, Commitment to Quality. Administrators impart the stories at the Monday and Friday lineups. Workers whose stories make it into the production get a $100 reward (Frankson, 2013).

Fifth Principle: “Leave a Memorable Mark”

Ritz-Carlton’s corporate umbrella incorporates two preparation offices. Its Global Learning Center gives representatives extra preparing so they can development, and its Leadership Center offers official preparing to individuals from different organizations around the world.

Social obligation has been a piece of the Ritz-Carlton chain since its origin, as reflected in its statement of purpose. In 2002, the organization propelled its “Group Footprints” system to concentrate on “appetite and destitution easing, the prosperity-of hindered youngsters and ecological protection.” The Ritz-Carlton helps fiscally and through preservation and volunteering endeavors. In 2007, it gave more than $7 million in stores, items and administrations, and its workers placed in more than 40,000 volunteer hours (Frankson, 2013). As previous Ritz-Carlton president Horst Schulze illustrated, “On the off chance that you center barely on how the money adds up, you leave a legacy just for speculators.”

Business Objectives

  • Maintaining the current number of loyal client
  • Increasing the number of visitors by 25 percent in the next two years
  • Incorporating sustainable technologies towards future endeavors

SWOT Analysis


  • Brand recognition
  • Reputation and a rich history
  • Minimal capital demands since the business is established
  • Quality services
  • Niche market dominance


  • Managing a constant flow of customers all year round
  • Profit margin stability due to demand variations
  • Economic variations of the market


  • Diversification to include tourism industry operators
  • Establishing the franchise in attractive tourist destination spots
  • Engaging the public and stakeholders in the stock market to increase the financial support for future projects


  • New and upcoming luxury hotels
  • Adoption of technology and green construction
  • Modernized architecture and definition of luxury
  • Political and administrative challenges of government

Key strategies

Quality administration starts with president and boss working officer Schulze and the other 13 senior executives who make up the corporate controlling advisory group and the senior quality-administration group. They meet week after week to audit item-and administration-quality measures, visitor fulfillment, market development and improvement, authoritative markers, benefits, and aggressive status. Pretty nearly one-fourth of every official’s chance is committed to quality-related matters.

Highest levels. Key item and administration necessities of the travel customer have been interpreted into Ritz-Carlton Gold Standards, which incorporate a credo, saying, three steps of administration, and 20 “Ritz-Carlton Basics” (Kegan & Lahey, 2009). Every representative is relied upon to comprehend and hold fast to these measures, which portray forms for taking care of issues visitors may have and additionally nitty gritty prepping, housekeeping, and security and proficiency benchmarks.

Major goal

The report’s major goal is to emphasize on the importance of ensuring there is a control of quality in the services provided by the hotel. Considering the diversified market and expansion of the hotel, and the economic challenges facing the international market, the strength of the hotel is in quality control.

Strategic action programs/strategic actions

To give predominant administration, Ritz-Carlton made its focused on choice methodology to guarantee a fruitful match of potential representatives to occupation. After being chosen, new representatives are versed on the corporate society through a two-day introduction, emulated by broad at work-preparing, then employment certificate. Ritz-Carlton qualities are strengthened ceaselessly by day by day “line ups,” regular distinguishment for phenomenal accomplishment, and an execution evaluation focused around desires illustrated throughout the introduction, preparing, and certificate forms.

To guarantee visitors’ issues are determined rapidly, laborers are obliged to act right away perceive- -paying little respect to the kind of issue or client protestation. All workers are engaged to do whatever it takes to give “moment appeasement.” No matter what their ordinary obligations are, different representatives must aid if help is asked for by a kindred laborer who is reacting to a visitor’s grievance or wish (The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Company, L. L. C., 2000).

The obligation regarding guaranteeing excellent-visitor administrations and lodging rests fundamentally with representatives. Studied yearly to determine their levels of fulfillment and understanding of value benchmarks, laborers are definitely mindful that perfection in visitor administrations is a top lodging and particular necessity. A full 96 percent of all representatives overviewed in 1991 singled out this necessity-despite the fact that the organization had included 3,000 new workers in the past three years (Kegan & Lahey, 2009).

Itemized arranging. At each one level of the organization-from corporate pioneers to administrators and representatives in the singular work zones- -groups are accused of setting targets and formulating activity plans, which are surveyed by the corporate guiding board. Also, every lodging has a designated quality pioneer, who serves as an asset and promoter as groups and specialists create and execute their quality arrangements. To develop representative duty further, each one work range is secured by three groups answerable for critical thinking, key arranging, and setting quality-confirmation measures for each one position.

The profits and the active-association of executives are clear throughout the seven days paving the way to the opening of another inn. Instead of opening a lodging in stages, as is the practice in the business, Ritz-Carlton plans to have everything right when the entryway opens to the first client. A “seven-day-commencement control arrangement” synchronizes all steps prompting the opening. The organization president and other senior pioneers generally teach new representatives on the highest levels and quality administration throughout a two-day introduction, and an exceptionally chose start-up group made out of staff from the organization’s different lodgings guarantees that all work regions, methodologies, and gear are prepared.

Quality information. Day by day quality processing reports, determined from information submitted from each of the 720 work zones in the lodging, serve as an early cautioning framework for distinguishing issues that can hinder advancement to gathering quality and client-fulfillment objectives. Coupled with quarterly synopses of visitor and gathering-organizer responses, the consolidated information are contrasted with decided beforehand client desires with enhance administrations. Around the information assembled and followed about whether are yearly visitor-room preventive-upkeep cycles, rate of check-ins with no queuing, time used to attain industry-best clean-room appearance, and time to administration a possessed visitor room (Bruce & Montanez, 2012).

From robotized building and security frameworks to mechanized reservation frameworks, Ritz-Carlton utilization progressed engineering further bolstering full good fortune. For instance, every representative is prepared to note a visitor’s preferences and dislikes. Those information are entered in an automated visitor-history profile that gives data on the inclination of 240,000 rehash visitors, bringing about more customized administration (Bruce & Montanez, 2012).


Key item and administration prerequisites of the travel buyer have been deciphered into the highest levels, which incorporate a credo, saying, three steps of administration, and 12 “Ritz-Carlton essentials.” Each representative is required to comprehend and hold fast to these models, which depict forms for tackling issues visitors may have and in addition definite preparing, housekeeping, and security and productivity norms. Organization studies demonstrate that this stress is on the imprint, paying profits to clients and, at last, to Ritz-Carlton (Bruce & Montanez, 2012).

The corporate maxim is “women and honorable men serving women and courteous fellows.” To give predominant administration, Ritz-Carlton trains representatives with a careful introduction, emulated by at work-preparing, then occupation confirmation. Ritz-Carlton qualities are fortified consistently by day by day “line ups,” continuous distinguishment for exceptional accomplishment, and an execution evaluation focused around desires demonstrated throughout the introduction, preparing, and certificate forms.

To guarantee issues are determined rapidly, laborers are obliged to act from the beginning recognize paying little heed to the kind of issue or client dissention. All representatives are engaged to do whatever it takes to give “moment placation.” No matter what their typical obligations are, different workers must help when asked by a kindred specialist who is reacting to a visitor’s grievance or wish.

A great part of the obligation regarding guaranteeing fantastic-visitor administrations and housing rests with representatives. Reviewed yearly to find out their levels of fulfillment and understanding of value guidelines, laborers are mindful that magnificence in visitor administrations is a top inn and individual necessity. A full 96 percent of all workers studied in 1991 singled out this necessity, despite the fact that the organization had included 3,000 new representatives in the former three years (Bruce & Montanez, 2012).

At each one level of the organization, groups are accused of setting targets and formulating movement arranges that are looked into by the corporate controlling trustees. Likewise, every lodging has a quality pioneer who serves as an asset and backer as groups and specialists create and actualize their quality arrangements. Groups and different systems develop worker duty. For instance, each one work region is secured by three groups answerable for setting quality-affirmation principles for each one position, critical thinking, and key arranging.

The profits of definite arranging and the involved-inclusion of executives are apparent throughout the seven days paving the way to the opening of another lodging. As opposed to opening it in stages (the business drill), Ritz-Carlton intends to have everything right when the entryway opens to the first client. A seven-day commencement control arrangement synchronizes all steps prompting the opening. The organization president and other senior pioneers by and by educate new representatives on the highest levels and quality administration throughout a two-day introduction. An extraordinarily chose start-up group involving staff from different inns around the nation guarantees all work territories, methods, and gear are primed (Bruce & Montanez, 2012).

Day by day quality handling reports, inferred from information submitted from each of the 720 work territories in the inn framework, serve as an early cautioning for recognizing issues that can obstruct advance to gathering quality and client-fulfillment objectives. Coupled with quarterly synopses of visitor and gathering organizer responses, the consolidated information are contrasted with decided ahead of time client desires with enhance administrations.

Measurement and Controls/Milestones

From mechanized building and security frameworks to electronic reservation frameworks, Ritz-Carlton utilization propelled innovation further bolstering full good fortune. Case in point, every worker is prepared to note visitor’s preferences and dislikes. These are entered in a modernized visitor history profile that gives data on the inclination of the organization’s 240,000 rehash visitors, bringing about a still more customized administration. Using the electronic systems can help meet the objectives and milestones in the project.


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